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Upswing Ventures Pvt Ltd is exclusively engaged in manufacturing Jute Cotton and Leather Bags, conforming to global standards as per the specifications of Clients to achieve full customer satisfaction. Along with simple promotional bags ,we have a very strong hold in washed vintage bags. We present our artistic expression on the bags , paying attention to the current trend, that find its presence all over the world.

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BAGS FOR A BETTER TOMORROW. Building a sustainable eco-system & empowering rural women with fair employment

At Upswing Ventures Pvt Ltd, our collection epitomizes luxury, functionality, and the latest trends. With a refined sense of style, our bags seamlessly blend fantasy with modernity, offering a unique and precious experience for our customers. Each piece is meticulously crafted to embody the season's colors and trends, creating a collection that stands out with a distinctive vintage-meets-modern appeal.

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Ecofriendly & biodegradable
Bags for every occassion

Our Range Of Products


Jute Bags

Jute bags are eco-friendly accessories with a rustic charm. Their durability and neutral tones make them versatile for any occasion. Not only stylish, but they also champion sustainability as biodegradable and renewable resources, making them a conscious choice for the environmentally minded.


Leather Bags

Leather bags exude timeless sophistication and durability, making them essential accessories for any wardrobe. With their luxurious texture and classic designs, they effortlessly elevate any outfit, from casual to formal. While synonymous with luxury, leather bags also boast longevity, becoming more beautiful with age. Crafted from high-quality materials, they are enduring investments that stand the test of time. A blend of elegance and resilience, leather bags are symbols of refined style and enduring quality


Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are versatile companions for any outing, offering both style and sustainability. With their soft texture and timeless appeal, they effortlessly elevate any look. Beyond fashion, cotton bags are eco-friendly choices, crafted from renewable resources and leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Practical and planet-friendly, they embody conscious living with


Canvas Bags

Canvas bags are practical yet stylish companions for everyday adventures. With their sturdy fabric and casual charm, they’re perfect for carrying essentials with ease. Whether running errands or exploring the outdoors, canvas bags offer versatility and durability. Their neutral tones and minimalist design make them effortlessly chic, complementing any outfit. Beyond fashion, canvas bags are eco-friendly choices, crafted from sustainable materials. Practical, eco-conscious, and effortlessly cool, canvas bags are essential accessories for the modern explorer.

About us

A Woman Owned, 'All Women' company that create wonders

Upswing Ventures Pvt. Ltd. stands as a leading manufacturer and exporter of trendy, eco-friendly bags crafted from jute, cotton, leather, juco, and canvas. Situated in a modern 10,000 sq.ft. facility in Kolkata, India, our advanced production setup includes cutting-edge divisions such as cutting, printing, stitching, packing, and embroidery, all in-house for streamlined efficiency.

With a skilled workforce exceeding 75 individuals, we consistently produce premium-quality merchandise to meet the demands of both domestic and international markets. At Upswing Ventures Pvt. Ltd., our commitment to excellence in manufacturing, coupled with our dedication to eco-friendly practices, ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering satisfaction to our valued clients worldwide.


A Project to empower Women

Project – Upswing is designed as a small-sized bag sewing unit under a working program for the empowerment of Women at local neighbourhood.


The Team

An Idea, An Inspiration - that created Upswing Ventures Pvt. Ltd. - A company with "all women“.

Upswing Ventures was born from a desire to uplift local women facing adversity. Through tailored training workshops, we impart invaluable skills in stitching and bag making to women in impoverished slum areas, where poverty is a stark reality. Our mission is clear: to elevate these women’s lives and bolster their livelihoods, hence the name “Upswing Ventures.”

Operating as a compact bag sewing unit, we provide essential employment opportunities for these women, enabling them to support their families and prioritize their children’s education. With Upswing Ventures, we’re not just crafting bags; we’re catalyzing positive change and fostering economic empowerment within our community, one stitch at a time.

A Little About our Work Force

At Upswing Ventures, our work culture is uniquely tailored to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and timely order completion. Our workflow is divided into specialized sections, each under the leadership of a dedicated female Team Leader. These leaders orchestrate seamless collaboration between sections, ensuring the production of perfect end products.

Within each section, a team of skilled women workers operates under the guidance of their respective Team Leader. This structure not only promotes gender equality and empowerment but also fosters a supportive and collaborative environment where every individual's talents are recognized and valued. At Upswing Ventures, our women-led workforce is the driving force behind our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Cutting Section
Printing Section
Stitching Section
Packing & Delivery Section
Embroidery Section

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"I love Upswing merchandise for its elegance and style. Worth the money!"

Sharmista Sarkar

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